Born in the Wild

the science of making babies


4 x 60′


Windfall Films


Channel 4 & PBS

Mark's Role


Why do male elephants transform into sex-crazed monsters during musth?  How do orangutan give birth safely in precarious tree nests high up in the jungle canopy?  Why is the pregnancy of kangaroos so short?  And, how do dolphins mate at speed?

The award-winning Inside Nature’s Giants team is on the case to reveal – in typically graphic detail – how some of the world’s most iconic animals pass their genes on to the next generation. Dr Mark Evans and Professor Joy Reidenberg travel to Africa, Australia, Borneo and Mexico to explain all.  This 4-part series features jaw-dropping birth sequences and some astonishing, up-close-and-personal animal encounters.

In Botswana Mark joins vet colleagues evaluating the effectiveness of a new elephant birth control vaccine. Their mission is to collect a sperm sample from a wild bull. Easier said than done!

Dr Mark Evans is a science communicator with an international profile as a TV presenter & producer